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22 June 2016

Happy Birthday, Egor!

HBD to our killer Egor Kaldikov! We wish you more insane skating and new travels around the world! Stay straight!  Далее »

22 June 2016

Go Skateboarding Day 2016!

Our big UNION skateboards family wishes all the best to every skateboarder! Happy Go Skateboarding Day, friends!  Далее »

11 February 2016

Интервью С Геной Какушей

Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian.  Далее »

5 February 2016

(Russian) Итоги Года от Юнион

Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian.  Далее »

30 December 2015

(Russian) Егор Кальдиков в США

Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian.  Далее »

28 November 2015

Union at WCSM 15′

Raw footage of Union riders and their friends warming up at World Cup Skateboarding Moscow 2015. Union на WCSM 2015 from Union Skateboards... 

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14 April 2016

Egor Kaldikov – Siberian Chronicles

Egor Kaldikov has just dropped a banger-heavy videopart from Siberian skatepark Sportex, which he filmed in just two days. Pure gnar!  Далее »

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17 March 2016

Max Kruglov and Dima Flin at DC-Plaza

The skate season haven’t officially started yet, however, Max Kruglov and Dima Dvoinishnikov have already ripped apart the DC-Plaza back... 

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9 March 2016

Dima Dvoinishnikov in Rocket Park

Dima Dvoinishnikov puts down a couple of heavy transition hammers in St.Pete’s Rocket Park. Filming/editing: Konstantine Dyadchenko Flin... 

23 February 2016

Kostya Kabanov in Moscomsport

Kostya Kabanov shows how to combine 100% boardcontrol with serious gnar-tech. Filming/editing: Klim Budanov  Далее »

16 February 2016

Union Skateboards in Sababapark

Check out our Moscow gang ripping the Sababapark! Filming/Editing: Klim Budanov  Далее »

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Roma Ivanov – 360 Flip

Roma Ivanov blasts a tre flip with a view at a legendary Minsk spot! Photo: Klim Budanov  Далее »

Снимок экрана 2016-03-09 в 22.46.45

Sasha Kuliev – Ollie

Rogers blast a fatty in the blazing summer sun somewhere in Tuymen, while Klim Budanov captures the moment for... 


Dima Dvoinishnikov – F/s Air

Flin blasts a huge F/s Air in the Snake Pit skatepark. Photo: Konstantine Dyadchenko  Далее »

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12 January 2016

Roma Ivanov – Kickflip

Roma Ivanov executes a flip with a view for Doski Mag. Photo: Klim Budanov    Далее »

Снимок экрана 2015-12-21 в 12.22.03
21 December 2015

Roma Ivanov – Kickflip

Roma with a stylish kickflip into kinky bank in Krasnodar! Photo: Klim Budanov  Далее »

20 November 2015

Egor Kaldikov – F/s Flip

Egor stomps a perfect F/s Flip somewhere in Sochifornia. Photo: Bobkov Eugene.                      Далее »