9 May 2015

(Russian) C праздником Великой Победы!

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3 May 2015

Happy b-day Max Kruglov!

Happy b-day, Mad Max!   Max Kruglov (Union Skateboards) wins Simple Session 2013 from Union Skateboards on Vimeo.  Далее »

22 April 2015

Happy b-day Roma Ivanov!

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14 March 2015

UNION Skateboards spring-summer 2015

UNION season approaching! Please, welcome UNION Skateboards 2015. For skateboarders, by skateboarders.  Далее »

7 February 2015

(Russian) АНОНС: Sib Sub Pro&AM 2015

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9 January 2015

(Russian) Итоги года по версии Skater.ru

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Снимок экрана 2015-02-27 в 1.40.34
27 February 2015

Video: Sib Sub ProAm 2015

UNION Skateboards at Sib Sub ProAm 2015 from Union Skateboards on Vimeo.  Далее »

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20 February 2015

Red Bull Children of the Sun

Check out the first installment of Red Bull Children of the Sun trip to Kyrgyzstan featuring our man Max Kruglov along with other massive dudes... 

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12 January 2015

Kostia Kabanov and Dima Dvoinishnikov wish you a merry new tricks!

flin and koba for all ma niggaz from #moyvzglyadvideo on Vimeo.  Далее »

8 November 2014

A1 video from World Cup Skateboarding Moscow

This is video from Russian extreme tv channel A1. It’s, well, in Russian, but you can peep the tricks as usual Btw, today is birthday... 

Снимок экрана 2014-11-05 в 21.18.30
5 November 2014

Pirozhki Tyumen shred

Our fellow wheel company Pirozhki Wheels with Gena Kakusha behind the wheel stopped at Tyumen skatepark while on tour last spring. Check out... 


Alex Kuliev – pop shove-it

Just to show you what POP means in the name of the trick.  Далее »


Sasha Kuliev – Switch Ollie

Late night switch steezin’ in Novorossiysk, Russia.  Далее »


Roma Ivanov – 5-0

Here is Chinese classic spot 5-0 by our dude Roma Ivanov. More of his skateboarding in our newest video DIY which... 

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7 July 2014

Dima Dvoinishnikov – bs nosegrind

Pic of the week on skater.ru featuring perfectly balanced bs nosegrind up the ledge by our dude Dima Dvoinishnikov.   Photo by Dmitry... 

Снимок экрана 2014-03-26 в 14.43.07
26 March 2014

Max Kruglov – Ollie in Kingpin magazine

You probably remember a few massive bails in the teaser for our new UNION DIY video which is premiering on the 11th of April.  Anyway, it... 

17 March 2014

Roma Ivanov by Zhenya Bobkov

Moscow’s photo dude Zhenya Bobkov just shared last season’s pics from his archive and it’s no surprise to find UNION Skateboards...