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20 November 2015

Happy Birthday, Rogers!

King of pop, style master and just all around great guy Alex “Rogers” Kuliev celebrates his birthday today. Alex has been blasting... 

16 November 2015

Union Skateboards on Tampa Am 2015

The 22nd annual Tampa Am have just passed. There was a lot of heavy skating from riders all over the world as usual, but there was one thing... 

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9 November 2015

Happy Birthday, Egor!

The main gangster and the gentlemen in Union family, Egor “OG” Golubev, have just celebrated his birthday! Egor is an extremely... 

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18 October 2015

Egor Golubev 3rd Place Fise World Cup!

Egor continues to dominate contests all around the wolrd with his gangster steeze! Today it was the time for the eminent Fise Series to once... 

22 September 2015

New Drop of Union Plastboards!

We got great news for you: the long awaited new drop of Union “Plastboard” cruisers is finally here! We added 20 more new colorways... 

16 September 2015

Happy Birthday, Mel!

Today is the birthday of our veteran teammate – Kirill “Mel” Ivanov! Kirill has been holding it down strong for 15+ years,... 

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25 November 2015

Egor Kaldikov Part

Fresh street footage from Egor Kaldikov blended together with his tour around Moscow and impressive plaza skating. Guest tricks by Kostya Kabanov... 

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22 November 2015

Valera Doganadze Street Part

We’ve just recently stopped drooling over Valera’s face-melting full part to find out that his managed to save enough footage for... 

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20 November 2015

Dima Flin in Snake Pit Park

2 minutes of insane mini ramp skating brought to you by Dima: 100% Bangers, no filler! Dima Flin ride in Snakepit from #moyvzglyadvideo on Vimeo. Filming/Editing:... 

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10 November 2015

Egor Golubev: 1 day in Shanghai

Egor continues to amaze us with his proficiency! A heavy vid from his summer vacation in Barcy only dropped a month ago, and now here is an impressive... 

11 October 2015

Valera Doganadze: Full Part 2015

Valera Doganadze is known as an extremely gifted and talented skateboarder: from face-melting ledge combos to the biggest sets – he’s... 


Egor Kaldikov – F/s Flip

Egor stomps a perfect F/s Flip somewhere in Sochifornia. Photo: Bobkov Eugene.                      Далее »


Alex Kuliev – Switch F/s Flip

Alex Kuliev pulls a floaty switch fs flip during the SibSub skate camp in Tyumen. Photo: Klim Budanov  Далее »


Kostya Kabanov – B/s Smith

Kostya once again proves that he can skate anything: from tech ledge combos to hammers like this lenghty B/s Smith... 

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22 September 2015

Dima Dvoynishnikov – B/s Feeble

Dima b/s feebles a huge rail located in the Moscow’s new hot spot!  Далее »

15 September 2015

Valera Doganadze – B/s Crooked

Valera’s crooked grind as seen in the article about Sib Sub Skate Camp. Photo: Alexey Lapin  Далее »

4 September 2015

Max Kruglov – Kickflip

Max Kruglov kickflips to fakie on an epic spot somewhere in the Moscow suburbs for the Doskimag.ru. Sky’s the limit! Photo: Daniil Kolodin  Далее »