18 December 2016

Dima Flin – noseblunt drop in Shenzhen 🇨🇳 during #nihaotour Photo: Kostya Kabanov  Далее »

13 December 2016

Дима Флин – fs nosegrind in Shenzhen during #NihaoTour Photo: Klim Budanov  Далее »

23 November 2016

Kosty Kabanov throws perfect tre flip on the waves of Shenzhen. Photo: Klim Budanov  Далее »

23 November 2016

Dima Flin with fast bs powerslide in Shenzhen. Photo: Klim Budanov    Далее »

24 April 2016

Roma Ivanov blasts a tre flip with a view at a legendary Minsk spot! Photo: Klim Budanov  Далее »

9 March 2016

Rogers blast a fatty in the blazing summer sun somewhere in Tuymen, while Klim Budanov captures the moment for history.  Далее »

8 February 2016

Flin blasts a huge F/s Air in the Snake Pit skatepark. Photo: Konstantine Dyadchenko  Далее »

12 January 2016

Roma Ivanov executes a flip with a view for Doski Mag. Photo: Klim Budanov    Далее »